Skinpen is an advanced micro-needling device (pen) that consists of 12 needles that perforate the skin with rapid vertical movements. When moving Skinpen accross the skin, it makes a number of fine holes on the skin and therefore stimulates the skin to restore collagen simultaneously with the creation of a large number of fine micro-lesions in the skin. These micro-lesions enable skin to absorb 400% more effectively and thereby reach deep into the skin and work where it is needed. The increased absorption of active ingredients in the skin (eg. Hyaluronic acids or stem cells) gives an immediate effect, minimizes fine lines / wrinkles and moisturizes your skin instantly.

The advanced skin needle-pen technology stimulates the normal collagen formation same way as Fractional Laser treatments, but without the side effects that this type of treatment has. Skinpen is also more effective than most forms of skin dermabrasion or chemical skin-peeling. Compared with the traditional roller systems, Skinpen  causes  less trauma and less damage to the skin. Therefore Skinpen treatment is almost painless, without discomfort, and is a safer and more effective treatment. The replaceable disposable needle head eliminates the risk of infection between patients and the adjustable needle depth makes it possible to tailor treatment for every treatment.

Skinpen is advanced and it is both safe and possible to use on the delicate and sensitive skin areas around the eyes, lips and nose.

A roller makes elongated holes, due to the needles’ angle from penetrating the skin to leaving it again, causing large holes and more pain. Skinpen makes more holes in less time and each hole is much thinner, so it is less painful and the healing phase is shorter.

SkinPen recommended by doctors in the U.S.


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