Scientifically proven efficiency

Treatment with Skinpen is based on a scientifically proven effect called “Collagen Induction Therapy(CIT)”. The method is based on a collagen – building process, which is stimulated by creating thousands of small holes into the skin. The underlying layer of skin responds to it by creating new collagenous tissue in a process which takes about 4 weeks. Collagenous tissue is a part of everyone’s normal subcutaneous tissue. The collagen layer loses its thickness the older you get and becomes a major reason for the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. During the treatment, the practitioner will typically also use a serum that contains active ingredients to the exact indication that the customer wishes to treat.

Due to the thousands of microscopic holes / channels that the treatment creates, the active ingredients penetrate the skin up to 400 times more effectively than when ordinary applied to the skin. The effect of the active serum may therefore often be seen almost immediately.The options for treatment using CIT methodology are constantly expanding . There are good results in the treatment of disfiguring scars caused by surgery or burns. Scientists are also working on the treatment options associated with vascular blasts.

Treatments with Skinpen can be used for a variety of purposes :

  1. Rejuvenation– the goal of the treatment is to freshen up the skin, removing small lines and wrinkles (Read more here)
  2. Anti-wrinkle Treatment– a treatment focusing on wrinkles around the corner of the mouth, eyes and forehead.(Read more here)
  3. Acne Scar treatment    (Read more here)
  4. Stretch Mark treatment   (Read more here)