SkinPen is at present CE approved and is under FDA approval in the United States, where it is expected to be approved later this year.

SkinPen is provided with continuous power supply to ensure enough power to treat deep scars. (Eg.: acne scars)


Skinpen G2 – Medical – for dermatologists / doctors

Advanced electric needle-pen with:

  • Adjustable speed between 9.000 and 13.000 rpm
  • Adjustable needle depth from 0,0 mm to 2,5 mm
  • Disposable needle-head with 12 needles made of surgical steel
  • CE approval and a 2-year warranty


skinpen G2 med hvidt logo u baggrund copy

Skinpen G3 – Beautician – for beauticians

Advanced electric needle-pen with:

  • Adjustable speed between 6.000, 7.000 to 8.000 rpm
  • Adjustable needle depth from 0,0 mm to 1,5 mm
  • Disposable needle-head with 12 needles made of surgical steel
  • CE approval and a 2-year warranty


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Serums & creams


The products used with SkinPen are from Biotec Italia and had been developed over the last 20 years  by a team of dermatologists and pharmaceutical doctors from England and Italy.

They were led by famous Italian doctor Dr.Feraro, who had among other things, contributed to the invention of a new method to extract highly active stem cells.


Interactive Cell Renewal


A doctor-developed serum breaks-down the keratin layer of cells that accumulate on the skin surface, while allowing a deep absorption of rose-hip extract. By removing the keratin layer on the surface of the skin, the cell is ready for renewal and the regeneration process stimulates the reconstruction of collagenous tissue. The serum prepares the skin for the introduction of mono-and poly-unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins present in rose-hip.

Rose-hip extract works on cellular regeneration and contributes to the increase in skin elasticity. It helps overcome a number of skin conditions such as dry and ageing skin, blemishes, stretch marks, acne and chicken pox scars, sun spots, minor wounds and wrinkles.



Interactive aseptic

interactive aseptic

A good cream, which contains: salicylic acid , sulphur, hydrogen peroxide, has peeling, antiseptic and drying characteristics. It destroyes acne bacteria, dries them out, dissolves keratolytic in the hair follicle, blocks the pores, removes cellular debris from the pores and reduces skin inflammation. It accelerates the natural peeling process and supports replacement  of  dead cells in the skin.

It also contains the alpha-arbutin and antioxidant vitamins A and E that help to avoid pigmentation spots, which often appear after acne breakouts.




Interactive Deep Filler – 30ml

interactive deep filler

This highly moisturising serum contains a highly concentrated purified biotechnological derivative of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is not only hydrating, but also binds the moisture in the skin and prevents tissue dehydration, which causes a more youthful looking skin. Due to the low molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid present in the Deep filler, the serum is able to be absorbed rapidly and deeply, and to fill in less soft-tissue defects, such as wrinkles.

Deep filler adds volume under the skin and helps keep it elastic, supports reconstruction of collagen and prevents signs of premature ageing.




Interactive Stem Cells Booster

stem cell booster

A concentrated Malus Domestica (Apple) stem cell concentrate in a small ampoule protects skin stem cells and combats ageing. It is an exclusive formula that increases the production of human skin stem cells, protects and slows down ageing of the essential skin cells and preserves the vitality of the skin, thus  removes old skin and wrinkles. It is vital in efforts to restore the youthful skin look.

  • Developed by a new method of Dr. Ferraro from Biotec Italia. See scientific article HERE
  • Every package includes 10 ampoules.





Interactive Peptide Volume – 30ml

interactive peptide

An exclusive formula with a new generation of peptides and hyaluronic acid, is the most advanced skin care treatment today capable of getting rid of wrinkles. It reduces wrinkle volume, wrinkle density and increases the skin’s firmness, skin thickness and collagen production. It contains Argireline and Snap-8, both wrinkle relaxing peptides that are able to alleviate the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles.

It contains Matrixyl 3000, a collagen-enhancing peptide, which reinforces essential structure of the skin tissue that encourages the skin to restore itself to more youthful appearance while supporting the repair of the deep tissues. It also contains vitamins C and E, which stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis and protects against free radicals and UV and lightens the skin.



Interactive Cellular White – 40ml 

interactive cellular white

An exclusive cream that helps to inhibit the development of future hyperpigmentation and effectively reduces existing pigmentation. This exclusive formula contains alpha arbutin, licorice extract and kojic acid that lightens skin, prevents cellular discoloration, age spots, freckles, sunburn marks and regulate melanogenesis.

Vitamin  C  protects the skin from free radical damage, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, and helps the skin to produce vitamin E. It also protects against UV and increases skin glow.




Corporal Stretchmark – 120 ml

corporal stretchmark

Corporal stretch mark cream helps prevent and repair stretch marks by regenerating the cells that are responsible for the reconstruction of the skin. Hydrolysed collagen and other active ingredients increase collagen and elastin formation, firming collagen tissue and providing peptides for skin; while Chondoroitin sulfate adds and maintains moisture levels so that the skin is richer. At the same time it stimulates the production of skin’s own hyaluronsyre production making the skin smooth and supple.

Instructions for home use: Use every morning and evening on stretch marks. Once a day, perform a crystal peel on the stretch marks and then massage a quantity of 2 pairs of pumps of the product onto the skin with circular upward movements until the product is completely absorbed. For the best results, use together with a SkinPen treatment.



Interactive Hyaluronic Water 200ml

interactive hyaluronic water


Hyaluronic water is a powerful pH balanced moisturising spray with smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Tap water, which is the most common way to clean the face, can cause the skin to feel dry or oily, depending on the skin type, it forms a film on the surface of the skin, clogging the pores and on certain occasions causes irritation.

Hyaluronic water on the other side prevents this from happening by only absorbing the moisture into the skin, and assist in all of the above skin care products penetration. Therefore, use Hyaluronic water in almost all treatments with SkinPen.



Essence Hydrocream – 40ml – til hjemmebrug

essence hydrocream


An energizing and revitalizing moisturiser is for home-use and it moisturises, lifts and revitalises the skin. This powerful moisturiser contains Malus Domestica (Apple) stem cells that improve the elasticity and firmness and are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which extend the life of skin stem cells, protect and slow down the ageing of essential skin stem cells and it contains DMAE, which prevents cell breakdown and assist in the reconstruction of the cell membranes, reduces the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin moisture content and increases firmness and elasticity of the skin.

It also contains alpha lipoic acid that is an ultra-active antioxidant that fights future damage like vitamin C, which fights free radicals. The result is a healthy glowing, tighter and revitalized skin.

Instructions for home use: Use every morning and evening. Spray Interactive Hyaluronate Water on the face. Apply two or three pumps of Hydro Essence Cream Stem cells over the face, neck and décolleté and massage it in circular upward movements using your fingertips until the cream is completely absorbed.