Stretch-mark Treatment

The aim of the stretch mark treatment with Skinpen is to break down the lines and stimulate the underlying layer of skin to produce collagen. Here, the practitioner typically uses a needle with 1.5 mm depth and there will be a need to use numbing creams. In connection with the treatment,a cream with an effect on stretch  marks is used and it is taken home by customers for use between treatments.

Stretch marks are always treated in a series of 4 treatments with minimum one month break between the treatments. Skin will be red and swollen after the treatment – a reaction which will disappear within 1 day. You will  be  able  to  see  a  visible  effect immediately after the first treatment- but the maximum effect will not be visible before 4-6 treatments.

Realistically you will never be able to remove stretch marks completely, but you will be able to minimize their visibility very significantly.




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